Holistic Health Support in Belleville, Ontario, Canada

We are grateful for the opportunity to support you in your natural health and wellness. By the Moon is a Holistic Health Centre and School in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. We offer a variety of services, workshops and events for your body, mind and spirit.

If you are interested in our Holistic Health Training Programs, please visit www.bythemoon.ca to learn more about reflexology, Reiki and energy healing and Doula training. 

New or return clients are invited to book a free 30 minute health consultation with one of our holistic health practitioners. This is your opportunity for us to learn about you and help you make informed choices about your care.

Our clients range in age from newborns to end of life and all conditions of health. While we have additional expertise to support clients with reproductive health concerns including infertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, loss and menopause we also offer support co clients experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, pain, digestive problems, PTSD, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders and more.

The benefit of a holistic approach to health and healing is that we don't need to have a diagnosis to support the body in healing the root cause of simple or complex health challenges. Your body is designed to heal itself with the right conditions and support. We understand that all conditions of health have a emotional, energetic, environmental and physical aspects. Real healing does not treat symptoms but the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

We use a variety of techniques to support our clients. There are many different ways to provide the conditions needed for healing. Even unexplained conditions or conditions that may be described as "incurable" can be resolved when the body is given the opportunity to heal.

Our practitioners work as a team to combine skills, experience and wisdom for our clients whole health. 

Whether you have a chronic or acute health condition or wish to use our support to prevent future health complications, we welcome you to our healing space to learn more about how we are here for you.