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Reiki and Energy Healing in Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Work with any of our six experienced Reiki practitioners to experience relaxation, light, and healing. Our energy healing practitioners work with universal healing energy to help clear you of fear based energy, energetic blocks, imbalances, other people's energy, trauma imprints including inherited trauma and anything else that may be preventing you from feeling balanced, grounded, clear and connected.

We are in continuous energetic exchange with the world and people around us. Our energy impacts how we feel, the health of our physical body, our mental well being and more.

Our goal is to empower our clients by teaching them about their subtle energy field including their chakras to better understand and support their body, mind and spirit health. 

Our practitioners go above and beyond simple hands on sessions by sharing our knowledge to expand the awareness of each individual and reconnect them to this aspect of self.

Throat chakra imbalances can affect our ability to express ourselves as well as the health of our thyroid.

Our inability to stand up for ourselves or to be supported by others can cause back pain and problems.

Breast health can be connected to our inability to say no to others, over giving or never "getting things off of our chest".

We help our clients remember this aspect of self that is rarely if ever supported in conventional health care.

Choose your practitioner below or see all available session times. We also accept walk-in clients for 30 minute or 60 minute Reiki sessions Monday to Friday, 10am - 3:30pm


Amber Westlake

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Ann Louise Hedger

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Jenet McDonald


Krystle Humphrey


Michelle Stroud


Sarah Taylor

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