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By the Moon Events 

We offer a variety of body, mind and spirit events for you to heal, grow, connect and have fun. See our calendars below for confirmation of dates and times. Classes can be paid per class or by monthly membership

New Moon Market

Local Sacred Arts vendors offering handmade and other healing, meditation, ceremony and other folk offerings. Candles, crystals, malas, books, cards and more. Receive mini healing sessions, mini card or rune readings and more.

Contact us to inquire about vendor opportunities. 
See calendar for dates.

Events Included in Membership

Reiki Experience

Receive universal healing energy for clearing and healing while being taken on a guided journey by one of our energy healing practitioners.

Mondays at 6am are virtual and offered online on zoom.

Some Mondays at 5pm in studio.

Some Wednesdays at 5pm in studio.

$15/class for non-members


A gentle hatha yoga series that is enjoyable for all levels of experience. Every yoga class includes a guided energy healing experience.

Mondays at 4pm

Wednesdays at 9am

$15/class for non-members

Yoga - Prenatal Friendly

A gentle hatha yoga series that is enjoyable for all levels of experience and is also suitable for pregnant bodies at all stages of pregnancy. 

Fridays at 7pm

$15/class for non-members

Tarot Study Group

Beginner to the tarot? These nights are your opportunity to learn more about the major and minor arcana and practice readings with others in the group. Students are highly encouraged to study this tarot curriculum by Anita Burns. Each participant must have their own Rider Waite Tarot Deck. 

Some Tuesdays at 7pm - 8:30pm

$20/class for non-members

Runes Study Group

Do you want to learn the art of divination using runes? These practice events are your opportunity to gain confidence casting the runes and becoming more familiar with interpretation. Participants must bring their own set of runes and a guidebook.

Some Tuesdays at 7pm - 8:30pm

$20/class for non-members

Restorative Yoga & Reiki

Registration required to reserve your props. Space in this class is limited so register early. This very gentle class uses bolsters, blocks and blankets to fully support your body in postures that benefit healing and deep relaxation. 
See calendar for monthly date and time.

$45/class for non-members

Ecstatic Dance

Move your body freely without judgement of self or others. A powerful healing practice of surrender and expression. Participants move around the space in their own style. Our only rule is no speaking while dancing. 

Fridays at 8:30pm - 9:30pm

$15/class for non-members

Yin Yoga

A passive yoga practice that releases energy from the fascia and connective tissues of the body. Postures are held for an average of 5 minutes. This is our favourite way to nourish your feminine energy, release old emotions or trauma gently, or practice surrender and sitting in the mud.

Saturdays at 8:00am

$15/class for non-members

Dancing for Birth Class

Prepare for pregnancy or birth by moving and learning through dance. Learn a variety of techniques inspired by dance from around the world. 

Saturdays at 9:30am

$15/class for non-members

Past Life Regression Class

Registration is required. Relax into a gentle light hypnosis state and be guided into one past life, one future life and meet a guide. 

See calendar for monthly date and time.

$45/class for non-members

Sabbats and Circles

Opportunities to gather and honour the wheel of the year, lunar phases and more. Connect with like minded community for ceremony, intuitive development and healing experiences.

See calendar for monthly date and time.

$15/class for non-members

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