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Reproductive Health and Doula Support in Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Whether you have a reproductive health diagnosis like endometriosis, PCOS or fibroids, or if you periods are heavy, painful or irregular, if you are trying to conceive or trying to cope with menopause, our holistic reproductive practitioners are trained and experienced to help our clients heal their reproductive organs, balance hormones, improve energy levels and sleep, and conceive naturally or with medical assistance.

An initial fertility consult is beneficial for you at any stage of your reproductive life. We want to better understand your symptoms and experience so we can put together a holistic body, mind and spirit plan to help you heal and feel your best.

The medical system is quick to prescribe birth control, pain medications or surgery but there are natural and effective therapies that can heal your body quickly. Our reproductive health is very connected to our energy levels, productivity and emotional well being. Whether we want to have babies or not, reproductive health is an important part of our overall health. 

Doula Support

Services Offered

Having a doula to help your family navigate your fertility, pregnancy, birth or postpartum journey is very wise. 

Doulas have so much wisdom to share that helps clients navigate natural and medical options, make informed decisions, advocate for self and family and feel their best physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with medical intervention, whether you are a gestational surrogate or carrying your fourth baby, whether you have a supportive partner or need additional support, there's always so many ways that a doula can enhance your experience.


We attend homebirths and hospital births, natural, spontaneous, unmedicated births and planned inductions. We work with family doctors, midwives and obstetricians. We can help avoid unnecessary interventions for a safer, more empowered and enjoyable experience.


Request a doula consultation to meet one or more of our team.

All of our doulas are also reflexologists and Reiki practitioners. 


Amber Westlake

Holistic Reproductive Practitioner
Fertility, Birth & Postpartum Support

Ann Louise.jpg

Ann Louise Hedger

Holistic Reproductive Practitioner

Birth & Postpartum Support

Initial Fertility Consult $100

Abdominal massage $80

Reflexology $85

Energy Healing $85

Birth Doula Support $1100 Request a free consult

Postpartum Doula Support $25/hour

Breech session $125

Sarah Taylor

Holistic Reproductive Practitioner

Fertility, Birth & Postpartum Support


Michelle Stroud

Holistic Reproductive Practitioner

Fertility, Birth & Postpartum Support

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